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Budget Documents & Financial Reports

2019-2020 Fiscal Year

2018-2019 Budget Presentation

Governor's Proposal for the 2019-2020 State Budget

2018-2019 Fiscal Year

 2018-2019 Second Interim MYP

 2018-2019 Second Interim Presentation

  2018-2019 First Interim Executive Summary

 2018-2019 First Interim Budget Report

 2018-2019 First Interim MYP

 Adopted Budget vs. First Interim

 2018-2019 First Interim Presentation


 LCAP Addendum

 2018-2019 Budget Report

 2018-2019 Multi-Year Projection

 2018-2019 Excess Reserves Statement

 Governor's 2018-19 Proposed State Budget Summary

2017-2018 Fiscal Year

 2017-2018 Unaudited Actuals Financial Report

 Education Protection Account (EPA) Spending Determinations

 2017-18 Second Interim Powerpoint Presentation

 2017-18 Second Interim Budget Report

 2017-18 Second Interim Budget Revisions

 2017-18 MYP Second Interim

 2017-18 First Interim Executive Summary  

 2017-18 1st Interim Budget Report

 2017-18 1st Interim Multi-Year Projection

 Adopted Budget vs. 1st Interim

 2017-18 1st Interim Presentation

 2017-18 Adopted Budget      

 2017-18 Budget Assumptions

 2017-18 Fund Balance Reserves

 2017-18 EPA Spending Determinations

 2017-18 Adopted Budget MYP

 Board Budget Study Questions Response

 Agenda and Information

 LCAP Development Summary as of January 24, 2017

 Governor's Proposals for the 2017-2018 State Budget

2016-2017 Fiscal Year

 Audited Financial Reports 2016-2017

 2016-17 Unaudited Actuals Financial Report

 Education Protection Account (EPA) Spending Determinations

 Second Interim Powerpoint Presentation

 Second Interim Budget Report

 MYP 2016-2017 Second Interim

 First Interim Budget Report and LCAP Highlights

 MYP 2016-2017 First Interim

 First Interim Report 2016-2017

 First Interim Criteria and Standards 2016-2017

 First Interim Budget and Revisions Narrative 2016-2017

 MYP 2016-17 Adopted Budget Tool

 Adopted Budget 2016-2017

 Budget Assumptions 2016-2017

2015-2016 Fiscal Year

 Audited Financial Report 2015-2016

 Unaudited Actuals Financial Report 2015-2016

 Educational Protection Account Expenditures

 Second Interim Report 2015-2016

 First Interim Budget Report Executive Summary 2015-2016

 First Interim Criteria and Standards 2015-2016

 First Interim Report 2015-2016

 Summary of Changes 2015-2016

 Adopted Budget 2015-2016

 Budget Assumptions 2015-2016

 Budget Criteria and Standards 2015-16

 Multi-Year Projection as of September 30, 2015

 Multi-Year Projection as of September 30, 2015 (excel)

 Multi-Year Projection as of June 30, 2015

2014-2015 Fiscal Year

 Audited Financial Report 2014-2015

 Unaudited Actuals Financial Reports 2014-2015

 Adopted Budget 2014-15

 Budget Assumptions 2014-15

 Budget Criteria and Standards 2014-15

 EPA Expenditure Report 2014-2015

 Multi-Year Projection as of June 30, 2014

 Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) 2014-2017