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Special Education


Dawn Mori
Director of Special Education

(209) 574-5000 ext. 6000




Rikki Collins - email
Staff Secretary II
(209) 574-5000 ext. 6200

Alisa Eldridge, Program Specialist
(209) 574-5000 ext. 6400

Audrey Agundez - email
Staff Secretary II
(209) 574-5000 ext. 6100

Keri Hendon, Program Specialist
(209) 574-5000 ext. 6300

Dawn Webster, Program Specialist
(209) 574-5000 ext. 6500

Gary Rooney, Program Specialist
(209) 574-5000 ext. 6600


Salli Eddington, Induction/Instructional Coach
(209) 574-5000 ext. 6800


Melinda Yegiyants, Program Specialist
(209) 574-5000 ext. 6700




We believe that parents and guardians are a child’s first and most influential teacher. Continued parent involvement contributes to student success and creates valued relationships with educators and other members of the community.

We invite you to participate in various parent workshops that address common themes and topics within special education. Meetings are held monthly at the District Office.  


Please RSVP with the Sylvan District Office by calling (209)574-5000


Learning through Play – January 29 3:30-4:30, January 31 9:00-10:00

Explore what play looks like at all ages. Learn how to teach appropriate play skills and engage with your child. This workshop will address how to embed play into everyday activities.


Understanding Skill Acquisition and Generalization – February 26 3:30-4:30 February 28 9:00-10:00

Learn how to break tasks into manageable steps for your child. Promote independence and generalization by teaching skills across environments.

MARCH 2019

 The Family Unit - How to Involve Other Family Members in the Growth of Your Child – March 19 9:00-10:00 March 21 3:30-4:30  Explore ways to involve siblings, grandparents, cousins, and other members of your family in the learning opportunities of your special needs child. Discuss ways to incorporate the whole family in your child’s development.

APRIL 2019

Preparing Your Child for Adulthood through Meaningful Life Skills – April 23 3:30-4:30, April 25 9:00-10:00

Address the elephant in the room - where will my child be in 10 years? 20 years? Can they develop the skills needed to lead an independent life? Explore a variety of functional skills that will benefit your child into adulthood.

MAY 2019

Transitions and Changes to Routine – May 14 9:00-10:00, May 16 3:30-4:30

Join us in discovering ways to address changes in routine and difficult transitions. Let’s be honest, change is hard and we often find ourselves afraid to disrupt a child’s routine. Learn ways to proactively address transitions and promote a positive experience for all.