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Superintendent's Office

Mrs. Hendricks

Debra M. Hendricks, Superintendent 

Superintendent's Letter

Dear Sylvan Community,



As Superintendent of the Sylvan Union School District I am extremely honored to work in a district that promotes high levels of learning for every child entrusted to us.  I am heartened about the development and implementation of our District-wide “3 Year” Literacy Plan.  Referred to as the 2020 Plan, our goal is to ensure that ALL students are literate in both English Language Arts and Mathematics.


The Sylvan district is an active Professional Learning Community (PLC).  Our district values collaboration at all levels, and we work in the context of the larger community, supporting and being supported by parents and organizations.


I invite you to join the Sylvan Union School District in our efforts to educate all students and to ensure they are successful learners. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you would like more information about how the Sylvan Union School District is meeting the needs of our students.



Debra s signature

Debra M. Hendricks