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Mark Fabela - Director
(209) 574-5000 ext 5100

Erin Balaam - Program Specialist, Ed Services & Ed Tech
(209) 574-5000 ext 5400


Shell Yee - Technology Services Secretary - email
(209) 574-5000 ext 8100

Jose Mendoza - Computer Technician - email
(209) 574-5000 ext 8300

Roberto Saldana - Computer Technician - email
(209) 574-5000 ext 8200

David Wilker - Computer Technician - email
(209) 574-5000 ext 8400

Submit Tech Ticket Here

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Sylvan staff members may request technology support by sending a detailed email to the following address from your Sylvan District Gmail:

In body of email please provide the following information (if applicable):

Please be as descriptive as possible. Being over descriptive about the issue is better than not begin descriptive at all. The more information about your problem, the faster it can come to a resolution. Generally, restarting your computer will resolve many issues.

Possible reasons to request IT assistance at

  • I can't remember my password for Aeries, Google, Windows, etc.
  • I can't print.
  • My laptop won't connect to the WiFi.
  • My device is damaged.
  • I need a new projector bulb.
  • I need to add a printer to my computer.
  • Chrome keeps crashing.
  • Keep N' Track is not working.
  • I'm not receiving emails.
  • Any other technology-related issues.

Possible reasons to request Ed Tech assistance at  

  • I can't access Clever, StudySync or Benchmark Advance, or other curriculum programs/accounts , etc.
  • Clever, StudySync, Benchmark Advance, or IO Education aren't working.
  • I need an app pushed out.  
  • I need to look up browser history on a student device.
  • Any other technology-related issues. 

Two things will happen when an email is sent to  

1. A ticket gets automatically generated. Our ticketing program matches your email address to your request. You will need to be logged into your Sylvan District email account when you send your email. If your email is not working, please contact a co-worker at your site to assist with entering a help request. 

2. The ticket is automatically entered into the system's queue for the IT team to view, assign, and complete.

3. All communication regarding your ticket will be generated through the original email you received upon submission of a ticket. 

In order for this system to work with efficiency and accuracy, we kindly request that you do not email individual requests to IT team members.